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Deportations from Greece – July, August and September 2012

In total the Greek police anounced that in the months of August and September 2.135 foreginers have been returned to their countires of origin of which 1.259 were deported by the Greek police (459 Pakistanis, 272 Bangledeshis, 187 Albanians). 876 persons returned with the IOM voluntary return programmes. All returns are funded by the European Return Fund.
In July the police had anounced that there had been 819 returns without any differenciation on „voluntary“ of „involuntary“.

see press releases of the greek police (in greek):
of October 1, 2012
of August 1, 2012

deportation flight

on august 10, 2012 another 32 persons were deported from athens. among them: 4 chinese, 1 armenian, one lithouanian, 2 rumanians, one sierra leonian and 23 albaniands.

Massive sweep operation in Athens since August 2, 2012

Greek police evict immigrants from Athens

Greek police arresting women and children

Following the operation “Xenos Zeus” Greek police arrested on Saturday 4, August 2012 in Athens 4.900 persons of which 1.130 were brought in for questioning. The police in a press release of the same day claimed that “national survival” was at stake for debt-choked Greece. The aim of the operation was “to send them back to their countries of origin, close the borders and ensure that Athens returns to being a lawful city with a quality of life,” police spokesman Christos Manouras said. 88 of the arrested are planned to be deported on Sunday August 5 in the night from Athens airport. The majority of them are from Pakistan.
Operation Xenios Zeus, ironically named after the name of the king of the ancient Greek gods in his role as protector of guests, mobilised 2,000 police in Athens and another 1,800 on Greece’s eastern border with Turkey. Continue reading ‘Massive sweep operation in Athens since August 2, 2012’

New report: “HUMAN CARGO. Arbitrary readmissions from Italian sea ports to Greece”

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Deportation of 60 on Easter Wednesday

On April 11 60 migrants were deported from Athens to their home countries. among them were one Algerian, two Indians, two from Bangladesh, one Ukrainian, one from Poland, one Serbian and 52 from Pakistan. They were deported based on the grounds of illegal entry to Greece. The Pakistanis were deported with a special charter while all the others were returned on commercial flights.

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“Walls of Shame”

Accounts from the Inside: The Detention Centres of Evros
new report by Pro Asyl

Obviously, Europe’s main concern is the creation of »walls« in order to hinder or to prevent the access to its territory. Physical walls like the fence, the moat and border controls in Evros but also invisible walls that are constituted by the lack of protection to those in need, rights denials, systematic detention, detention and living conditions violating human dignity, Readmission Agreements and the Dublin II Regulation. The effects of these heightening walls have their most tragic face in the many lost and dead at border. This is why we chose to speak about walls of shame in this report.

Walls of Shame (download report in English)

Deportation flight on April 4th

More than 90 immigrants were sent back to their home countries on Wednesday, police said.
Some 78 migrants from Pakistan, Iraq, Morocco and Nigeria were repatriated on charter flights while 16 Albanian nationals were transported to the Balkan state that borders northern Greece by bus, police said.
All the repatriated individuals had been arrested on charges of “illegally” entering the country.

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“Police Air”: More deportations from Athens airport

82 migrants and refugees were deported on March 28-30 from Athens Airport mainly to Islamabad and Kabul based on the “voluntary return programme” of IOM. Among the returned were: 70 persons from Afghanistan and Pakistan, one from Bangladesh, one from Iraq, four from Algeria, one from India, one from Lybia, two from Morroco, one from Rumania, one from Moldovia. Since there were no capacities to return the Afghanis and the Pakistanis with commercial flights a charter was rented for the deportation.

NewsIT (in Greek)
Ethnos (in Greek)

Deportation flight from Athens to Dakar, Tiflis and Lahore

On March 23 31 migrants were deported from Greece to Dakar, Tiflis and Lahore. Among them were 25 from Bangladesh, 5 from Georgia and one from Nigeria.

Deportations continue with another 37 persons

On February 24 37 persons were forcibly returned from Athens airport to their home countries. Among the deported were 16 Chinese, 10 Albanians, 7 Pakistani, 3 Rumanians and one Bulgarian.

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