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Deportation flight on April 4th

More than 90 immigrants were sent back to their home countries on Wednesday, police said.
Some 78 migrants from Pakistan, Iraq, Morocco and Nigeria were repatriated on charter flights while 16 Albanian nationals were transported to the Balkan state that borders northern Greece by bus, police said.
All the repatriated individuals had been arrested on charges of “illegally” entering the country.

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Refugees in distress at sea in Kerkyra

On March 30th, 2012 17 sans-papiers from Afghanistan and Pakistan were found at distress at sea and transferred to Kerkyra. They had tried to cross from Albania to Italy as they said.

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“Police Air”: More deportations from Athens airport

82 migrants and refugees were deported on March 28-30 from Athens Airport mainly to Islamabad and Kabul based on the “voluntary return programme” of IOM. Among the returned were: 70 persons from Afghanistan and Pakistan, one from Bangladesh, one from Iraq, four from Algeria, one from India, one from Lybia, two from Morroco, one from Rumania, one from Moldovia. Since there were no capacities to return the Afghanis and the Pakistanis with commercial flights a charter was rented for the deportation.

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Deportation flight from Athens to Dakar, Tiflis and Lahore

On March 23 31 migrants were deported from Greece to Dakar, Tiflis and Lahore. Among them were 25 from Bangladesh, 5 from Georgia and one from Nigeria.

seasonal workers protest against exploitation in Argos

On Thursday 15th of March a group of 40 workers from Pakistan and other countries protested against the exploitation they suffer from in the orange harvest. Since two years the workers of Koutroufini Orange production are unpaid and without health insurance.

The company owes us a total of 60.000 Euro!

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Deportations continue with another 37 persons

On February 24 37 persons were forcibly returned from Athens airport to their home countries. Among the deported were 16 Chinese, 10 Albanians, 7 Pakistani, 3 Rumanians and one Bulgarian.

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more racist assaults and attacks….

As reported by different antiracist groups, the around 140 Afghans and Pakistanis living and working in Timbaki, Crete, experience for a long period repeated racist assaults by a group of 10-15 fascists. The fascists threaten them telling them to not only leave Crete but also Greece.

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Meanwhile, during the court case of the 16th December against the marines who were shouting racist slogans last year another group of 10 fascists was attacking migrants who were simply passing by in the area close to the court in Piraeus.

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Deportation flight from Athens to Lahore and Kabul

A charter plane carrying 33 Pakistani and 43 Afghani nationals left Athens for Lahore and Kabul, police said on Thursday (December 1, 2011), noting that deportation orders had been issued for the immigrants.

A similar deportation took place on November, 10, 2011.


deportation flights from Athens to Islamabad and Kabul

On the 19th of October 61 sans-papiers were deported back to Pakistan and Afghanistan on a charter flight form Athens airport.
within the first nine months of 2011 five deportation flights have been completed from Athens returning a total of 335 sans-papiers to Nigeria, Egypt and Santo Domingo.
see: article in To Vima newspaper (in Greek)

another two racist attacks in Athens

12th September 2011

I would like to tell you about my sad day. I want to let you know how much I suffer and how blood-shat over me painfully during the tragedy that happened to me. I am alone, helpless, justice-less and with the absolute violation of my humanity. I was attacked by five persons today. When I was going to my work they beat me without any reason. I shouted for help but nobody responded. Continue reading ‘another two racist attacks in Athens’

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