letters from the prisons of Evros

To whom it may concern

This is to inform the authority of UN that the female prison of Alexandra police Ferix (Ferres) need freedom, because most people here are due to be free. Most of them are three months and two months plus. And the environment we are is not good, example, the toilette and bathroom are attached to the room where we are sleeping, so when the water stopps running and there is no water to clean the toilette, it becomes impossible to sleep the room. In that case we all go outside to sleep.
We desire to know the reason why we black Africans are not released on time, while the white Africans are been released on time.
So therefore we have decided not to eat, because we need freedom, if they don’t free us, something terrible will happen. But all the same, we need freedom.
May god bless you. Amen.

I am talking as one of the detainees of this prison:

1. There is no freedom of speech here
2. We can not sleep in silence and safety
3. There is not enough food for all
4. There is no clean place to pray.
5. We want food that respects our religious restrictions on eating pork
6. The toilettes and shower are not clean, no humans can use them
7. The police officers does not respect religions in fascists way both muslim and christian and they don’t allow us to pray
8. There is no doctor and proper farmacy to take care of the sick
9. The cells are dirty, it smells, we are all sick. We all have skin problems and psychological problems

We all demand from the government to free us, to let us go to work in Europe.
We all came to Europe for work. We didn’t come here to cause trouble. We all left our countries because we were poor and hungry; there was no democracy in our home. We left because of the fascism we faced in our countries.

Please see our problems with a human eye and with mercy

In the name of god

Everybody knows that the reason why all the young people leave from their home countries is that they cannot live without freedom and justice.
This is why we chose this road.
This is why we are suffering. We regret our choice. The reason? Here in prison we are not fine. They violate our rights; there cannot be human rights within four walls. I don’t know what to think. We have been injured and our wounds teach us to flee to Greece – for the freedom. They teach us to live and claim our rights. But it is worse than we thought. I don’t know what to think; I don’t know which other road to follow. I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know where I will be.
Return, Europe or prison.
We had smiles and hope, but Greece embraced us with racism and with hate. A bitter hate and anger. My asylum is no sin. Why do we have to be here? The prison has burned our minds. I am sorry that I cannot describe all my life to you, but only I can write a small letter. Because I hate myself so much, I cannot even speak. Thank you for your co-operation, your help and for reading this letter.

From the detainees