Igoumenitsa: Tensions on the rise – in advance of May 3rd 2011

After a preparative meeting the municipality of Igoumenitsa, the local initiative “struggle” (consisting of inhabitants that live in the areas Ladohori and Grekohori where many of the homeless sans-papiers live too amonge the olive trees of the Greeks and on the mountain) and some other groups and organisations of the city announced that they will close the international ferry-port at the 3rd of May 2011 to protest against the many sans-papiers who daily try to leave Greece through the second largest port of exit. The desperate refugees live under degrading conditions in the mountains along the rims of the city. Recently rising conflicts among them and the reigning chaos along and inside the port have been used to spark the fire on migration issues in the city: specifically this lead to re-intensified protest mobilisations by the local population, fascist propaganda and growing measures of repression by the authorities.