Third protest against migrants in Igoumenitsa more violent than before

Some of the Greek protesters that had closed the gates of the international port of Igoumenitsa today (3rd of May) expressed their anger against the migrants who live around the port area in the mountains and the olive tree fields with fascist slogans such as: “burn them! kill them!”. A small group of 3-4 Neonazis threw some flares/fire towards the informal settlement of the sans-papiers on the mountain. The migrants tried to defend their provisory shelters by throwing stones. The police answered the confrontation with violence and tear gas hunting the sans-papiers up to the mountain. The protest was organised by a initiative of “outraged citizens” but the call for action was joined by the president of the mayor of town and the president of the chamber of commerce of Thesprotia prefecture and the local bar association in order to struggle for a “more human town” and “not against the migrants” as they tried to convince the media after the violent outburst during the protest!!!! The local economy is obviously fearing that the presence of sans-papiers might disturb the coming tourist season….

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