Severe Maltreatment of Sans-Papiers in Detention by the Greek Police, 14th of November

Two detained Kurds from Iraq were severely maltreated, even tortured while they were in detention on remand. It began in the detention facilities of the appeals court and culminated in the cellar of Petrou Ralli aliens police detention. Guard from Koridallos prison where the detained victims were finally brought to became witnesses of the last beating in Petrou Ralli and of the highly injuries marking the bodies of the two Kurds.

The beatings began upon an argument the detainees had in the court with some guarding officers who had insulted them. They were brought into a room and beaten by a dozen of officers. Then instead of being transferred back to Koridallos prison they were brought to Petrou Ralli Aliens Police Directorate. In the cellar of the building the beatings continued. They were jumping on his back, stepping on their necks and on their face and spitting into their mouths. One of the officers hold his gun on one of the two sans-papiers and said: “I will kill you like a dog!”
One of the two sans-papiers fainted and had to be transferred to hospital of the prison. He was all covered with blood. Due to insufficient medical treatment possibilities he was transferred to the hospital “Red Cross”. On his own will he decided not to stay there fearing the police officers who were guarding him there. Both guards and the director of the prison reported the maltreatment to the authorities. The brutal incident is being currently researched by the internal affairs department of the police. Both of the victims reported their maltreatment.