December 23, 2011: Migrants and Greeks demonstrate together in Patras against police repression

People from Afghanistan, Sudan, Eritrea, Morocco, Algeria, Greece and many other countries demonstrate today against the police repression in Patras. Reason for the protest is the recent accident of a 16-year-old Afghan who while trying to escape the police fell of a building. He is still severely injured in the hospital.

Stop police assaulting us, we have to live in security, we need human rights!

Such kind of “accidents” are no exception in Patras the main transit port city for sans-papiers who try to leave Greece. Sans-papiers have to confront daily police and coast guard brutality, police raids and traffic accidents while trying to escape the police forces who chase them down, arrest, beat and arrest them.

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Dans l’enfer des immigrants clandestins, by Jean-Simon Gagné