Another Afghan refugee became a victim of racist violence in Athens on December 27, 2011

The victim of the racist attack of December 27 had to be hospitalised

As the Afghan Committee of Greece announced:

Another Afghan compatriot of ours became a victim of a racist attack.
The attack happened on December 27, 2011 in the night in the area of St. Panteleimon Church and by a group of six. They attacked two Afghans who just happened to pass by. They started beating them with bottles. One of the Afghans could escape, the other not. When the one who could escape returned to look after his friend he found him lying on the street with blood running from his head and filling all the place around him. After a little while the victim was transferred to the hospital.
Within one week this is the second incident of racist violence that was registered. The last one had occurred on December 23, 2011 again with one person being severely injured. This kind of attacks meanwhile have become daily in this area and other areas of Athens. The question is until when will that last? Instead of protecting asylum seekers the Greek Police, as we have noticed, is doing the opposite. We believe that the UNHCR but also other organisations and communities and each of us should help to stop the racist attacks. We from the Afghan Committee try to give the victims voice a voice. We want the stabbers to be finally sentenced. For exactly this reason we need to be present at the court case that was postponed to January 12, 2012!