“I come to Petrou Ralli police station since 5 months, every day”

Every night hundreds of sans-papiers go to Petrou Ralli police station to reserve a place in the long row. They are trying to enter the aliens police in order to apply for asylum. Despite the fact that the Greek government is announcing improvements in the Greek asylum system what we see is that access to asylum is not possible until today.

Press Release of the Group of Lawyers: Lacking access to Petrou Ralli Aliens Police

Under the blanket its a bit warmer, but some are without!

You never know at what time the officers will come to take a few of us inside. sometimes at 24, sometimes at 4am or at 6am. We wait here and try to be of the first. No chance! They only accept 20 persons per day. I don’t even understand on what criteria they chose. We stay out in the cold for nights and days. Without food. Many also without a blanket. You cannot move, if you do that your place will be lost. There is so much fighting about who will get inside to ask for asylum. The police watch us, but they don’t care. I am now since 4 days here. I have only one bottle of water. Thats all! Can you find the same situation in other European countries?

Today I am the first. It is my chance maybe.

No sleep, no food, cold...

Hundreds of people here every day leave behind their traces

Today I have some hope to enter

Is it the same in other countries?

No one care for us