Homeless refugees and migrants in Patras are being daily chased down by the police

They come every day in the early morning hours when we are sleeping. They hunt us through the buildings of the fabric. It is dark and there are wholes in the floor, cables and other things lying around. It is very dangerous to run. Some of us have fallen down from upper floors, others fall into the wholes. There are many people hurt. Broken legs and arms and worse. We don’t know where to go for sleeping without fear. There is no place without fear here.

M.A. broke his leg while being chased through the fabric by the police

M.A. from Sudan broke his leg on one of the daily chases by the police. He continues to live in the fabric under highly deplorable conditions and without any medicine. As for all the others there is no other place to go for him. It has become almost impossible to leave Patras towards Italy. In his condition he will not be able to try anymore from Patras. His friends help him to come out of the darkness of his room. Slowly he is moving forward. His leg has become infected. He has pain. But most of all he seems to be hopeless.

Every day I tried. I go to the “stop” (where the trucks stop) for many hours and I come back. Every day. It is very difficult here. Not human. We have no water, no electricity, no food… no nothing. We have to find food in the garbage to survive. I am very tired.

Once the police caught me in port and they threw me into the sea. Just like this! Without any reason. You know how cold it is? It was just to get me sick.

Life here is just about trying to leave and trying to live – not to die. Go to the trucks. Find food. Escape from police. Being beaten by police. Hospital. Prison. Walking back to Patras from the prisons – one day, two days… Deportation from Italy. It is a great misery but we have to try. This Greece is not a place to stay.

The homeless sans-papiers of Patras need support. Food, medication, sleeping-bags, clothes and most of all our solidarity – in practice and not only in words!