Cells of police stations in Greece overcrowded

In a recent article the conservative newspaper Kathimerini wrote that the temporary detention cells of police stations have turned to overcrowded prisons. An estimated 700 detainees over capacity are detained per day.
The police uses this fact in order to request for “new solutions”, obviously demanding new prisons as propagated in the past month from the government in it’s discourse of constructing “new hospitality centres”, meaning deportation prisons for the undocumented.
Nevertheless, the fact that the cells of the police and borderguard stations are overcrowded is a sign of a dysfunctional and repressive migration policy and once more mirrors the devastating, inhumane and degrading detention conditions of all detainees in Greece.
kathimerini in Greek

At the same time the motor cycled police team “DIAS” has been enforced in Attika area with another 1.000 officers patrolling now more often and in more districts of Greater Athens.
Kathimerini in Greek