Police protects fascists, more racist attacks, more police pogroms, more clashes with fascists, by clandestina

Posted by clandestina on 2 October 2012

In the evening of Sunday, Sep 30th the third anti-fascist motorcycle patrol spotted nazis in the area of Amerikis Square in Athens and clashed with them. Soon thereafter, the anti-fascists were brutally attacked by the police. Many antifascists were injured and 23 arrested. Next day, approximately 300 people gathered in the courthouse of Athens in solidarity with the arrested. When the imprisoned anti-fascists exited the building to to be transferred back to the police HQ, the police attacked the gathering, chasing people inside the courthouse’s yard and then in the nearby streets. Approx. 20 more people were detained during the police operation. In total, 4 people were arrested and they will appear in the court on Tuesday morning.

On Saturday September 29, in the city of Volos, in Thessaly, a nazi gathering took place at the office of the Nazi group Golden Dawn. Soon people gathered and start shouting anti-Nazi slogans and booing, tension emerged and the MP of Golden Dawn Illiopoulos pulled the gun that he carries.

On Monday afternoon (October 1sr), 50 members of the “Patriotic Movement”, fraction of the Gloden Dawn party, gathered outside Paranesti Immigrant Detention Center, near the city of Drama. One of them fired two gunshots against the detention center… (150 sans-papiers had been already transferred to this new detention centre from Komotini some days before.)

Some days ago, antifascists managed to cancel an announced action of the Glolden Dawn nazi party in the open market of the town of Arta and on Friday September 28 antifascists cancelled a nazi demo in the town of Kozani. On Monday October 1st, clashes between nazis and antifascists took place in the town of Serres.

The racist attacks continue: the last one took place on Sunday in the town of Eleusina, were two immigrants from Pakistan were beaten by fascists. The racist attacks since the beginning of 2012 are more than 600…

In the town of Thessaloniki there was a minor incident too, when few fascists tried to terrorize immigrant street-vendors in the center of the city.