“New” detention centre in Parenesti, Drama

One month ago the village Parenesti near Drama was chosen to become the location of one of the “new type” detention centres of Greece where the masses of arrested during the permanent sweeps are being transferred to. Today a number of 150 sans-papiers is detained in the former army camp. There are about 40 persons crowded in each cell while capacities have been largely ignored as usually.

The former army camp has been turned into a detention centre of the new kind.

There is not enough food, basic hygiene is not secured while there is no access to leisure time outside for the detainees until today. Since their mobile phones have been taken away by the police detainees have no access at all to the outside world, i.e. to family, friends or lawyers. Most of the detainees have no money to buy telephone cards instead.

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... is like a “paper boat”. We chose this as a metaphor for what we want to create and for the situation of refugees and migrants in Greece. The paper boat is a folded boat able to swim – for a while. Then you have to build a new one to go on travelling. A paper boat is symbolic for the journey of life, vulnerable but in your own hands and to be recreated again and again. It is simple, but it carries many hopes and dreams. It can dance on a turbulent sea. It belongs to everybody. And it might become the small version – like a first draft – of a welcome-space.

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