Hunger strike in Corinth Detention Centre – Riot police and tear gas…..

Today on 18th of November 2012 the detainees of Corinth detention centre started a hungerstrike to protest against the long detention periods (some of them are already more then three months detained) and against the degrading detention conditions (see: older post in infomobile).

They struggle in this way for freedom and for the rights of all detainees and call for our solidarity and support. In this moment the migrants are confronting riot police and teargas inside their cells where they tried to barricade the doors to protect themselves from the brutal and repressive violence of the police. There are reports on some detainees having fainted because of teargas. In some cells the detainees started burning mattresses. Specifically they aske:
1. How does the responsible authority react on the reported violence of the riot police, the charges against the hunger striking detainees and how will it protect the detainees?
2. How will the responsible authority guarantee the detainees’ rights based on European standards and international human rights especially since these international instruments are suggesting the preference of alternative measures other than administrative detention.

UPDATE: Following the protest of the detainees on Sunday 18, 2012 the police arrested 24 detainees which will be brought before the court. They have been transferred to Koridalos prison after first interrogations awaiting their trial.

Parliamentarians of leftist Syriza questioned the involvement of riot police in the protest of detainees in Corinth detention centre and send a respective letter to the Ministry of Citizen Protection and Public Order.

source: indymedia
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