The father in detention, the 5-year-old alone at home!

2,5 months ago the sudanese father of a 5-year-old daughter was arrested for lacking valid documents. The man is living in Greece since 20 years and was on his way to the supermarket to get some food when the police arrested him. His daughter, born herself in Greece, was waiting at home. The desperate father asked the police repeatedly to send someone home to look after his child, but no one cared. The father was sent to detention to Komotini with the aim of deportation, despite the fact that deportations to Sudan are not feasible. It is not known what has happened to the child after the arrest of the father.

In Komotini detention centre there are currently around 600 detainees closed up in destroyed cells, with broken windows and without electricity.

An NGO supporting the father finally found the child with a relative of the father who is taking care of it. Only then the father received the information that his child is actually alive.
There is no system to protect children of migrants arrested, detained or even deported. Of the children are with the relatives during arrest they will be usually transferred to Paidon Hospital. If the child during arrest of the parents is elsewhere no one will care.

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