New arrivals on Lesvos and other Aegean islands in numbers

Among the arrested are mainly Afghans, Syrians and Somalis – all classical refugee populations. (for arrests by nationalities nationwide see also statistics by the greek police in greek)

By the coast guard arrested migrants for illegal entry
not included are arrests by the police

June 6th: 75
June 5th: 30 (24 men, 03 women και 03 children from Syria and Afghanistan)
June 4th: 42 (among them families, women, a baby etc. from Afghanistan, Syria and Somalia)
May 19th: no numbers available
May 17th: 41 (37 men, 01 woman and 03 minors)
May 13th: no numbers available
May 11th: 19
May 7th: 31 (22 men, 06 women και 03 minors),
May 2nd: 13 (08 men and 05 women)
May 1st: 14

June 4th: 26 (14 ,em, 07 women and 05 minors)
June 3rd: 46
June 1st: 29
May 27: 36
May 20: 40
May 12: 22

May 28th: 41 (Afghans)

Farmakonisi (near Leros)
July 6th: 22
May 15th: 21 and a 6 year-old dead

May 11th: 19

Source: Hellenic Coast Guard

Statistics for the forst three months of 2013 arrested new arriving migrants in the Aegean
In the first three months 1,225 persons were arrested in the Aegean during 68 incidents.
In Lesvos during 36 incidents (19 police and 17 coast guard) 611 total of migrants were arrested, on Limnos were 3 incidents with 74 arrivals, on Chios 8 incidents with 216 arrivals, Samos 9 incidents with 154 arrivals, Kos 2 incidents with 17 arrivals, Rhodes 2 incidents with 11 arrivals and Leros one incident with 12 arrivals, Patmos 7 incidents with 125 arrivals.

Source: dimokratis (in greek)

Statistics over arrested migrants/refugees for “illegal entry AND illegal stay” during the first four months of 2013

Lesvos: 1.507
Samos: 306
Chios: 256
Dodekanese: 343
Crete: 770
Source: Greek police

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