Police officer hits an immigrant after asking for a painkiller in Amigdaleza detention centre

The allegation is made by KEERFA- movement against racism and fascist threat and the Pakistani Community in Greece. As they mention:

“A police officer in Amygdaleza hit an immigrant when he asked for a painkiller. Huram Bashir Sahzat, detainee number 2663, wing A3, room 6, in the detention centre of Amygdaleza reported to KEERFA and to the Pakistani community of Greece that today at 18:45 he was hit by a police officer in the presence of his fellow inmates.

“The police officer battered my head after I was persistently asking for a painkiller. The police officer’s resposnse was ‘f..k yourself, get out of here you dirt’”. The situation is rather tense during the last few days since the Hellenic Police proceeds to deportations against the will of detainees who refuse to sign up for ‘voluntary repatriation’. Police violence remains unpunished in Amygdaleza and immigrants who have suffered torture are among those subject to deportation.

It is for them that last summer the head of the Hellenic Police said ‘Make their lives unliveable’. Accountability lies with the Minister of the Protection of the Citizen himself, Mr. Dendias who provides political cover to such incidents. We demand the punishment of the police officer that hit Huram Sahzat. It is high time the hellish concentration camps were shut down. We shall give a massive response by organizing big antifascist and antiracist demonstrations on 22 March in Athens, Thessaloniki and Chania.

Translated by I can’t relax in Greece from ‘Eleftherotypia’ newspaper, 17 February 2014

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