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Bulgaria, Romania Schengen bid faces delay -14.9.2010

EU European affairs ministers yesterday (13 September) decided to extend monitoring on Romania and Bulgaria, which was put in place to tackle their poorly functioning judicial systems and inability to curb corruption. France said the majority of countries are opposed to Bucharest and Sofia’s accession to Schengen until the monitoring has been lifted.
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The ‘Dublin Regulation’ undermines refugee rights – Sept. 2010

The asylum procedures of European countries are still flawed – they need to be improved and better harmonised. One of the necessary reforms is to overhaul the dysfunctional so-called Dublin Regulation within the European Union.
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New report on Dublin II deportees

“Why did you want me back in Greece?”, ask the refugees being returned due to the Dublin II regulation from different other European countries. The “deportation diary” carrying the same name evolved out of a short visit in Athens, where activists from the newly founded infomobile project conducted interviews with refugees affected by this European regulation.

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