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Massive sweep operation in Athens since August 2, 2012

Greek police evict immigrants from Athens

Greek police arresting women and children

Following the operation “Xenos Zeus” Greek police arrested on Saturday 4, August 2012 in Athens 4.900 persons of which 1.130 were brought in for questioning. The police in a press release of the same day claimed that “national survival” was at stake for debt-choked Greece. The aim of the operation was “to send them back to their countries of origin, close the borders and ensure that Athens returns to being a lawful city with a quality of life,” police spokesman Christos Manouras said. 88 of the arrested are planned to be deported on Sunday August 5 in the night from Athens airport. The majority of them are from Pakistan.
Operation Xenios Zeus, ironically named after the name of the king of the ancient Greek gods in his role as protector of guests, mobilised 2,000 police in Athens and another 1,800 on Greece’s eastern border with Turkey. Continue reading ‘Massive sweep operation in Athens since August 2, 2012’

NEWS: Greece Border Controls Toughened Over Potential Influx Of Syrian Refugees

The Huffington Post, 31 march 2012

ATHENS, Greece
Greece is quadrupling the number of guards at its border with Turkey and boosting other defenses in part because of a potential
influx of Syrian refugees, a government minister said Monday.
Greece is the busiest entry point for illegal immigrants trying to reach the European Union. Turkey, meanwhile, is hosting thousands of Syrians who have been fleeing their country’s civil war. Continue reading ‘NEWS: Greece Border Controls Toughened Over Potential Influx Of Syrian Refugees’

Frontex chased migrants into death

On Sunday April 29, three people found a horrible death and four were seriously injured during a police operation at the border. The migrants were chased down by the Greek authorities and Frontex when the car they were in got fire. Greek media reported that the local police force for “Illegal Immigration Enforcement” and members of the European agency for the security of external EU borders “FRONTEX” had spotted a car transporting illegal immigrants. The officers followed the car and cut its way in an attempt to stop it for inspection. However the driver of the car tried to overtake the FRONTEX vehicle, lost control with the effect that the car overturned in a nearby field. The car got immediately fire. Two immigrants and the driver were burned and died on the spot, while four others were seriously injured. The tragedy occurred at the Lykofis village near the Evros borders between Greece and Turkey.

Kathimerini english edition

“Walls of Shame”

Accounts from the Inside: The Detention Centres of Evros
new report by Pro Asyl

Obviously, Europe’s main concern is the creation of »walls« in order to hinder or to prevent the access to its territory. Physical walls like the fence, the moat and border controls in Evros but also invisible walls that are constituted by the lack of protection to those in need, rights denials, systematic detention, detention and living conditions violating human dignity, Readmission Agreements and the Dublin II Regulation. The effects of these heightening walls have their most tragic face in the many lost and dead at border. This is why we chose to speak about walls of shame in this report.

Walls of Shame (download report in English)

Dublin’s Trap: Another Side of the Greek Crisis (2012)

Watch: “Dublin’s Trap: Another Side of the Greek Crisis” (2012)
by Bryan Carter

Two dead migrants within the last two days in Evros

Another two dead migrants were found near by Tyhero in Evros.

news in Greek

Dead migrant women found in Orestiada, Evros

According to the authorities she was 20-25 years old and probably African. It is the sixth corpse found in the last period. An old man with a small girl are still missing. they had got lost in the river Evros.

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Palestinian refugee died today in Evros due to the cold weather after falling into the river

An immigrant died of hypothermia while 14 others were rescued. The 15
migrants were trying to cross river Evros from Turkey to Greece, and
were trapped in an island on the Evros river near Tychero village.
Seven of the survivors are nationals of Eritrea, two are Palestinian
nationals, three are from Algeria, one from Syria and one from
Bangladesh. The dead immigrant was also Palestinian. He was
transferred in critical condition at the Medical Center of Feres,
where he died of hypothermia.


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9-year-old girl and her grandfather lost in Evros

A young 9-year-old girl and her grandfather disappeared on the 29th of January together with nine other migrants while trying to cross the border in Evros. They got lost when they boat turned around and they fell into the very cold waters of the river.
A three year old boy and two men survived the accident and informed the Greek authorities about the loss of the others in the boat.
Following a police operation aimed at finding the missing persons seven were found, among them the parents of the three-year-old boy. Two persons are still missing. The little girl and her grandfather.

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25.000 thousand migrants deported in the last months while the racist pogrom continues

Citizen Protection Minister Papoutsis said that 25.000 migrants have been returned either by force or voluntarily within the last months from Greece to their home countries. The last deportation flight took place on thursday of January 19. Among the 56 deported were: 2 Egyptians, 23 Bangladeshi, 29 Chinese, one Pakistani and one Indian. The deportations take place from Athens airport.
Police raids and sweep operations have become harsher and more frequent. According to Papoutsis the Greek police controls daily an average of 400 migrants.
Meanwhile the construction of the anti-migratory “wall of shame” fence in Evros is being proceeded. The construction is planned to be finished in the next 5 months.

While migration policy is harshening, the racist pogrom continues unhindered in the centre of Athens. Daily migrants get beaten, stabbed and insulted in the areas close to Attiki and St. Panteleimon Church without any reaction from the police. Today an African migrant was stabbed nearby Panteleimon Church. The police reacted by asking the stabbed who was lying on the ground bleeding for his papers.