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Three migrants found dead at the coast of Chios

The first two corpses were found on Sunday 13th of January at 9 o ‘clock in the morning by fishermen in two different beaches of the island Chios. A third corpse was found by the coast guard around 2pm at yet another beach. According to first information by the Coroner the persons died of drowning within the last 48 hours before being found.

At the meantime on Saturday 12th of January three migrants were found alive on the island Panagia Oinousson inside fish cages. They are from Palestine and Iran. As two of them reported they had tried to reach Chips island from Cesme in turkey in the night of Thursday. Their boat turned around and they swam for more than 10 hours to reach the island. It is yet unknown if there were more persons inside the same boat.

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Palestinian refugee died today in Evros due to the cold weather after falling into the river

An immigrant died of hypothermia while 14 others were rescued. The 15
migrants were trying to cross river Evros from Turkey to Greece, and
were trapped in an island on the Evros river near Tychero village.
Seven of the survivors are nationals of Eritrea, two are Palestinian
nationals, three are from Algeria, one from Syria and one from
Bangladesh. The dead immigrant was also Palestinian. He was
transferred in critical condition at the Medical Center of Feres,
where he died of hypothermia.


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