Undocumented migrant woman with cancer under custody in hospital

An undocumented migrant woman – bedridden due to cancer – is currently hospitalized in a public hospital while under custody. The hospital director reported her to the police although her family had already paid the costs of the hospital for her.

The woman had been transferred from Metaxa hospital to Agioi Anargiroi hospital for an urgent operation. Following the operation her relatives paid the hospital bill since she is undocumented and thus also not insured. Then the director of the hospital Mr. Bartzokas reported the woman to the police because she was undocumented – resulting in the woman being under custody in the hospital while bedridden.

This inhuman scandal was published yesterday, Thursday 29, by the Greek Federation of Hospital Doctors (OENGE). The decision of the hospital director is rooted in the fascist policies of LAOS and Golden Dawn.

The Federation of Hospital Doctors announced: “We denounce this action of Mr. Bartzokas as a sign of extreme cruelty and barbarism and reiterate that clinicians are not going to obey the circular of Al. Papadopoulos or the respective circular of Andreas Loverdos (former Health Minister) which both call the hospital doctors to become state spies and watchdogs!” In contrary, they declared that they will continue to offer medical aid to each person who is in need according to the oath of Hippocrates and their professional deontology.

Only shortly after that announcement, health Minister Andreas Likouretzos when asked about this incident told to the journalists: “You will not induce me to respond to the topics you want to talk about”…
Only upon intervention of the vice-Minister of Health who contacted the Minister of Citizen Protection, the guards were withdrawn from the woman’s hospital room.

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