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Irregular Migrants Face the Boot in Greece – by Apostolis Fotiadis (ips news)

Irregular Migrants Face the Boot in Greece
By Apostolis Fotiadis

ATHENS, Aug 29 2012 (IPS) – A crackdown on irregular migration has entered its fourth week in Greece. The government is shutting the Greek-Turkish northeastern border across river Evros, and removing massive numbers of undocumented migrants from big urban centres into makeshift detention camps.

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Turkey signs deal with EU’s border agency

Turkey has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with FRONTEX, the EU’s border management agency, to cooperate against illegal immigration, amid expectations that the EU will soon give the go-ahead for visa liberalization talks with Ankara.
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Further constructions in Amigdaleza detention centre on hold

220 undocumented migrants are detained currently in the first of the planned 30 new detention centres. The Ministry of Citizen Protection is planning to continue the construction after the elections and to move on with the creation of the second new type detention centre also in Attica and the third in Deskati, Grevenon.

tvxs (in greek)

Joint Letter to UN Special Rapporteur on Health

Human Rights of Immigrants and Sex Workers in Greece
MAY 9, 2012

To: Anand Grover
UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to the Highest Attainable Standard of Health
OHCHR – Palais Wilson
United Nations Office at Geneva
CH-1211 Geneva 10

Dear Mr. Grover:

We are writing to call your attention to two issues of urgent and serious concern in Greece: (1) the administrative detention and compulsory medical testing of immigrants and asylum seekers based on health status and (2) the arrest, criminal prosecution and compulsory HIV testing of sex workers.
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Fotos of Amigdaleza detention centre

fotos by Yanis Lakos

First detention centre opened in Amigdaleza, Athens a week before the elections

On Sunday (April 29) the first 56 migrants were transfered into the new detention centre in Amigdaleza, Athens. The detention centre consists of 52 containers each built for four detainees. The containers are split into three sections and the area is guarded by the Greek police.

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Racist discourse and police operations go on in Athens’ centre

The government continues with its’ pre-election campaign against migrants and refugees. Publicised sweep operations and a medial discourse on “illegal migrants as hygiene bomb” have built the grounds for a racist agenda. These racist measures and medial games are used as much as the opening of the new detention centre near by Athens to win votes for the elections.
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Cells of police stations in Greece overcrowded

In a recent article the conservative newspaper Kathimerini wrote that the temporary detention cells of police stations have turned to overcrowded prisons. An estimated 700 detainees over capacity are detained per day.
The police uses this fact in order to request for “new solutions”, obviously demanding new prisons as propagated in the past month from the government in it’s discourse of constructing “new hospitality centres”, meaning deportation prisons for the undocumented.
Nevertheless, the fact that the cells of the police and borderguard stations are overcrowded is a sign of a dysfunctional and repressive migration policy and once more mirrors the devastating, inhumane and degrading detention conditions of all detainees in Greece.
kathimerini in Greek

At the same time the motor cycled police team “DIAS” has been enforced in Attika area with another 1.000 officers patrolling now more often and in more districts of Greater Athens.
Kathimerini in Greek

“Walls of Shame”

Accounts from the Inside: The Detention Centres of Evros
new report by Pro Asyl

Obviously, Europe’s main concern is the creation of »walls« in order to hinder or to prevent the access to its territory. Physical walls like the fence, the moat and border controls in Evros but also invisible walls that are constituted by the lack of protection to those in need, rights denials, systematic detention, detention and living conditions violating human dignity, Readmission Agreements and the Dublin II Regulation. The effects of these heightening walls have their most tragic face in the many lost and dead at border. This is why we chose to speak about walls of shame in this report.

Walls of Shame (download report in English)

Amendment for the creation of detention centres for “illegal immigrants with infectious diseases” approved

The government continues its plans for the creation of new detention centres and its racist propaganda of the last week.
With 117 votes in a total of 154 voting members the amendment by Ministry of Citizen Protection, which envisages the creation of centres “hosting illegal immigrants with infectious diseases”, was approved on April 10th. The Minister of Citizen Protection had warned dramatically before the vote that Greece is still in danger of being excluded of the Schengen Area.
The Minister said that the so called “hospitality centres” (κέντρο φιλοξενίας) are guarded places and went on further asking:

Is it better if the migrant wanders through the streets as a vagrant spreading infectious diseases, or is it better if he stays closed up there?

The migrants in Greece from his point of view constitute a “hygiene bomb”.

news in Greek / Ethnos

The infomobile

... is like a “paper boat”. We chose this as a metaphor for what we want to create and for the situation of refugees and migrants in Greece. The paper boat is a folded boat able to swim – for a while. Then you have to build a new one to go on travelling. A paper boat is symbolic for the journey of life, vulnerable but in your own hands and to be recreated again and again. It is simple, but it carries many hopes and dreams. It can dance on a turbulent sea. It belongs to everybody. And it might become the small version – like a first draft – of a welcome-space.

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